Here you will find mentions of me or RunInMontreal in the media, with a referance and date.
At the bottom of the page I also have a few logos and banners if you want to use them on your site. Just give me a heads-up by email, before you do. Let me know if you need them in Hi-Res.

Mentions in the media

September 26th, 2013 – Runtastic Blog Interview

My relationship with runtastic began when I first installed the Runtastic Pro app when it was free for one day. I then started using it constantly, since it gives you so much information and cool stats about your running. Also it lets you create, share and rate routes, and that was one of the reasons that motivated me to start my project! I was in constant contact with Heloise Bouvier, a marketing manager for Canada and France region, which was super supportive from day 1. When she saw that my project got traction and I started mentioning Runtastic every chance I got, she was interested in doing an interview article on their blog. My wife, Edna was happy to be featured on the blog.RuntasticBlog-2013-RunInMontreal

September 19th, 21st & 22nd, 2013 – Montreal Connected on City TV Montreal

This one i’m most proud of. Sean Coleman a producer on Montreal Connected, a local sports show, contacted me by email, seeing i was running that weekend in Parc de la Commune in Old Port and wanted to cover my run/adventure. I called Josée right away to clear her scedule for the weekend, and come to the run. She came with her whole family! I was also joined by Florian, my good firend that runs with Runtastic as well, and another fan from Facebook, from my neighbourhood. When they first aired the show all my family was sitting in front of the TV and i think we re-watched it 5 times. They did an awsome job on the editing! It first aired on the show Thursday the 19th at 7:30 PM, and Saturday and Sunday as well. They were also nice enough to post it on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Watch the video here.

September 20th, 2013 – online article – 3 best parks

askmen_runinmontrealI contacted AskMen after I found a really nice article on their site about Fitness Motivation by Ryan Johnson. I knew they have an office in Montreal. A writer there contacted me and asked me to pick my top 3 favorite parks for running, and why I picked them. You can read about the “best running parks in montreal” here:

August 21st, 2013 – Radio interview with CJAD (800 AM)

It was Adam Shapiro, a reporter from the Berry Morgan show on CJAD (800 AM) that found me through Reddit (again) that was interested in an interview with me. So I delivered, it was at 9PM at night, and I was a bit tired because of a previous 5K race i did that day.

August 20th, 2013 – Article in “Le Flambeau de l’Est (Anjou/ Mercier)” newspaper + online

Reporter Remy-Paulin, picked up the story after I emailed him details about my project, because I receive Le Flambeau de l’Est weekly newspaper every tuesday, and I said why not. He was interested in doing a piece about me and my project, and even send a professional photographer to take my pictures of me in Park Thomas-Chapais. The results were awsome, with a photo on the cover in the newspaper, and a full-page article on page 3. Also a nice article online on their website and a link on their front page! Also good to note: this is the first interview article in french.
Le flambeau de lest - 2013-08-20

August 19th, 2013 – Online article in Pagini Romanesti

Pagini Romanesti is a local Montreal Romanian language newspaper, that probably saw the article in LaPresse saw my Romanian name and reported on it. I am still very honored to appear there. Link:

August 8th, 2013 – Online article in – Le Blogue Santé

I found this article by chance after my father told me about it. La Presse is a big local newspaper and i’m happy I made an appearance. Link:

August 6th, 2013 – Online article in Canadian Running + Front Page link

A runner of the name of Michal Kapral from Canadian Running online magazine (which BTW holds the Guinness World Record of 2:50:12 for the fastest marathon while juggling three objects) contacted me for an email interview. I of course agreed, and this became the most detailed interview article about my running project. front page 2013-08-06 

Canadian Running Online Interview - Aug 6

August 5th, 2013 – Mention in Métro Montreal newspaper and online article

Daphnée Hacker-B. a reporter with the newspaper contacted me shortly after my radio interview and Reddit post (how she found me), and wanted to ask me a few questions by email. I agreed and she published a story about the Running Boom in Montreal online and in the Métro Newspaper (the most circulated newspaper in Montreal BTW) and was nice enough to quote me and my project in the middle of the article – in a big font. Thanks Miss Hacker.



July 25th, 2013 – CBC Radio One – Daybreak radio interview

It was a journalist Sylvet Ali that found me after she saw my post on Reddit, and she called me home, and work, on my cell and emailed me. I felt important. So of course I said yes. My interview was on July 25th at 6:20 AM on CBC Radio One (88.5 FM) Daybreak with Mike Finnerty. An audio interview  is available here: They were also nice to post a photo of me in their studio on their Facebook page.

CBC Radio One 88.5 - Daybreak Show Facebook post July 25th

July 23rd 2013 – Reddit Post to /r/Montreal 

After my first release post on my facebook wall, I decided why the hell not to post it on Reddit in the subreddit dedicated to Montreal and make an AMA (Ask Me Anything).
Little did I know it will go viral, to the top page of /r/Montreal that day and I would get so much attention afterwards.

Reddit AMA Post to R-Montreal - July 23rd

July 23rd 2013 – Release post to my Facebook Wall (tagged 20 close friends) 

I decided to coincide my birthday with the birth of my project to make it meanigful and to celebrate it. I tagged 20 of my friends I thought would be interested and I got a few comments, and a few likes on my page.

Facebook launch post for 23 july - my birthday

Run In Montreal Logos

Here are a few logos and banners. If you want to use them on your site, just give me a heads-up by email. Let me know also if you need them in Hi-Res.

506 x 400 Pixels "R" Logo

“R” Logo – 506 x 400 Pixels – Site

Banner - 800 x 200 Pixels - Social Media

Banner – 800 x 200 Pixels – Social Media

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