Motivation is the most important and overlooked variable in my opinion of running. Everyone has a story of why they started running, why they are continuing to do so or what goal they are trying to acheive. But what gets us to tie those laces, wear that synthetic blend clothes, sweat like hell and run until we get blisters?


I know, I haven’t reviewd any parks in Montreal for a while or posted anything to the page for a few months, but I’ve been busy. Dividing my time between my family and training for my 1st half marathon (21K) at the Marathon Oasis de Montreal. I still ran in Montreal’s beautiful parks but didn’t organize any […]

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Running in -34c and meeting Yogi the 80 year old marathoner

This is my first experience running in the true Canadian cold since I started running less than a year ago. I promised myself I’ll run all year long, 365 days, rain or shine (or snow). So here I was this morning watching the weather network with the red warning banner of EXTREME COLD WAVE of […]

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Evie’s letter

It’s the first time that i’m posting this kind of e-mail but honestly, it works as a huge motivator not only for me but for others that want to start running, I present you “Evie’s letter”, I’m really grateful of this email and proud of your achievement! Hi Vlad! Remember a looong time ago, at […]

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Latin Running Mix – Summer 2013 (by D.J. TRC)

After I started running and listening to music to motivate me, I immediately thought of the infamous D.J. TRC (aka Robert, my longtime buddy), to make me a running mix. I wanted the mix to have his flavour his style so I only indicated to him that I need it to be around 30min long, […]

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The Oatmeal on Running Long Distances

When I found out that the hilarious web comic The Oatmeal (aka Matthew Inman) runs, runs long distances and wrote a 6 page comic about running that describes his motivation, i was a) extatic and b) thought to myself: “it belongs here!”. So voila:

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2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Monia

    Bonjour Run in Montreal,
    J’ai joint l’équipe de Vlad le 1 septembre, je tiens à le remercier pour sa belle motivation et détermination contagieuses!

    Au plaisir de courir avec vous prochainement.



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