The goal

The goal really just popped in my mind on a nice sunny run next to my place, when I discovered I can rate runs on my Runtastic app. I thought to myself why not run in all parks in Montreal, wouldn’t that be cool/crazy? I could create routes and rate them, then add photos and reviews to describe the parks, and talk about my experience of running them. Here is how I plan to do this:

  1. The first challenge was to find the subdivisions of Montreal (boroughs managed by the City of Montreal and “linked cities” that are more or less self-managed). There are 33 subdivisions of Montreal. Check the map I followed.
  2. Once that was done it was time to count the parks. And since they are not managed in a central city database I turned to my good friend: Google Maps. I started by typing the name of each city or borough and zoomed in to count the parks… manually. There are around 455 parks in Montreal! Check out my progress page with a breakdown of parks by area.
  3. Once that is done what I do is i go to Runtastic and i create a custom route for each park depending on the length i need to run each time. As a golden rule: i try to run in the contours of the park, but also to run in it, so I can get a little gravel and a little asphalt: a hybrid run so to speak. I try to run around 5 Km in the beginning and more as I advance. Also good to note: if a park is too small then I combine 2-3 small ones to make a longer route, and if they are too big (i’m looking at you Parc Jean-Drapeau) I divide them up. I still try to review each park on it’s own.
  4. Once I finished my run and walk to cool down, i take a few pictures of the park with my smartphone to document the trail, the view and the parks amenities.
  5. I then go back home to my “lab” to write the review and post it in the Parks Review section.
  6. Right now I run 3 times a week and I hope to review each day a different park, rain or shine (maybe even snow) so hypothetically this would take me 152 weeks or around 2.9 years… better get moving.

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