Parc du Mont-Royal – Beaver Lake through Olmsted Road (****1/2)

Parc du Mont-Royal (Part 1)
in Ville Marie


static_map_mont_royalRuntastic route info | My run stats in this park (4.96 km in 36:25 min)

4.53 km
track – Gravel & Asphalt
This route in the famous Mont-Royal park starts at the chalet in front of Beaver Lake and takes Olmsted road all the way through the big chalet and around the cross at the summit. It is a a trail and gravel mixed route that has an elevation of 77m. On your run you are sure to salute other runners, walkers, tourists and cyclists, but because the road is wide we all have space to enjoy our activity. This is the central park and symbol of Montreal.

Photos of Parc Mont-Royal:

Me and my cousin Adrian running on the large trail up the mountainSeveral unique works of art decorate the Mont Royal park The bellevedere chalet on top of the mountain provides bathrooms, water and snacks (sometimes events)The newly renovated chalet at Beaver Lake has everything you need - in the winter it doubles as a ice-skating chaletMany small trails are here to explore the mountainThe gravel trail is well maintained on the mountainMount Royal has trails n the woods for running, hiking,  or exploringOne of my next runs on Mont Royal has to be a trail run: just beautifulThe view from the top of the belvederre is the hallmark to the city, and amazingBeaver lake panorama with the asphalt sidewalk - just breathtakingThe kids playground is unique and is made for older kidsThe kids park has strange games, also a water fountain in the back

Review of Parc du Mont-Royal
This is by far one of the largest parks in Montreal, I was able to get a perfect 5K route from Beaver Lake up on the mountain and back, but i'm sure i can get more by trail running or going on the road, I have seen 10K routes on Runtastic around the mountain as well.
The little asphalt roads around beaver lake are in very good condition. The main gravel road up on the mountain (Olmsted Road) is very large and can accomodate many groups of runners or walkers in the same time. There were verry few problems and deformations with the gravel road down below but i'm sure they will fix it soon.
The air smells fresher on Mont Royal, and the view is amazing. Wether you are looking at the natural forest, or looking at downtown Montreal and the St-Laurent river, the view will take your breath away, no wonder it's full of tourists day-in day-out. The little mountain is also full of wildlife, with many types of birds, squirrels and dogs chasing them.
To get to the park you can come by car: (3 big pay-parkings) or you can take the metro and bus, or come by bike as well. There are waterfountains and bathrooms at the big chalets in good condition, and a few more around the route up-hill.
A beautiful forest route in the heart of the city, in great shape and good running amenities with breathtaking vistas, this has to be on any 'to-run' list.

As a bonus I’m also rating the playgrounds in or very close to the park I’m running in, since I’m a new papa and i know how important playgrounds are to new parents and especially their kids, so here goes:
Kids playground review
Size of
It is of medium size, I was expecting a bigger one but some big parks don't even have one, so i'll take what I get.
Quality of
The quality is quite good, all the games have a nature theme and are quite minimalist in design, it makes the kids explore adn use their imagination. There is also a big waterfountain to slapsh in for those warm summer days.
Even though it's of medium size older kids can still have lots of fun in it's unique games!

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