Parc Angrignon (****1/2)

Parc Angrignon
in Lasalle


static_map_AngrignonRuntastic route info | My run stats in this park (6.46 km in 56:03 min)

3.17 km
track – Gravel & Asphalt
I chose a 3.17 Km route that lounges the big lake and goes into the forest. My route has a mix of gravel (big and small) and ashphalt that is well maintained. There is even a cool trail in the woods on the south-side of the lake to discover. Angrignon is full of lush vegetation and trees, and has has beutiful vistas of 3 small ponds and a big man made lake, that is visited often by ducks and birds. It is well accessible from the Angrignon metro station, has a big free parking on the south side or accessible by plenty of buses. Also 3 kids areas with plagrounds adorn the park for plenty of fun for he young. It is a jewel in Lasalle.

Review of Parc Angrignon
It is considered a big parc, and it feels like that too. The longest route is around 3.17Km long so 3 laps of that and you cna make a 10K! Because of so many asphalted alleyways, and trails you can explore this park many times and not run in the same route.
The surface consists of wide asphalted roads separated for bikes and running / walking. Around the lake you can find large gravel stones and thinner gravel on a few areas. Make sure you have a thick sole or else you might feel the little stones on the big gravel road.
With so many treese and thick vegetation you are completely closed off from the outside world, and transported in a forest, with birds chirriping around you and super fresh air. The view of the big lake is beautiful and it attracts many runners, walkers and bicyclists. It also has vast grassy fields and tables for BBQs and sometimes the smoke can bother some vegetarians.
The park has 2 park houses with toilets and drinking fountains in the northern and central parts of the park, situated along the main running route. It also features several additional water-fountains along the way.
A big and beautiful park in Lasalle area that is immersed in nature.

As a bonus I’m also rating the playgrounds in or very close to the park I’m running in, since I’m a new papa and i know how important playgrounds are to new parents and especially their kids, so here goes:
Kids playground review
Size of
If you combine all 3 playgrounds, the area is pretty big. In the big one you have a boat like playground with sand, and a bigger structure for bigger kids to climb on with ropes and ladders. Picknic area right next to them, so it's a family friendly place.
Quality of
It is not super-new but in good quality, you have to remember there are 3 playgrounds, 2 next to the metro on the southern side of the park and one on the nort-western side (a smaller one).
Kids won't get bored here, you can combine the kids park with running and a family BBQ, and you are all set!

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Photos of Parc Angrignon:

Me and Edna, my wife running our first lapRunning at sunset is quite romanticThick forest is on both sides of the road that seclude it from the outside worldThe asphalt road is separated in 2 : bikes and walkers or runnersThe park house is quite large, and has clean toilets and waterThe big lake panorama is a beautiful site - good job Dan D.There are plenty of benches across the asphalted running routeThe lucky residents of this high rise...Me running with my smartphone and Runtastic gearBeautiful lake provides an amazing view when runningThe park is somewhat illuminated at night - big alleywaysLittle kids playground is fun and close to BBQ areaBig kids playground is full of ropes and ladders (no snakes)Big gravel stone path could be felt in thin shoes

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