Parc Ferland (***1/2)

Parc Ferland
in Saint-Leonard


Runtastic route info | My run stats in this park (5.06 km in 34:50 min)

static_map_oparc_ferland1.47 km
track – Asphalt & Gravel
Parc Ferland is not a big park but it’s really well maintained and fun to run in. I still managed to get a good 1.47 Km route which includes half gravel and half sidewalk, since on the northern side it lacks a route and we have to lounge the park. It features a pool, newly built water games and a good size playground. It has clean bathrooms, and 2 waterfountains.

Review of Parc Ferland
My route is about 1.5Km long which is not big, but an ideal size for a park in this St-Leonard neighbourhood full of houses.
IT is gravel half way of the park for running, and sidewalks or the street for the other half. All of them in verry good shape, jsut be careful when it rains on the gravel, move to the sidewalks.
There are a few trees, that decorate the sides of the park, as well as a few soccer fields, basketball courts and tennis courts. There are a few hills for kids to play in in the winter which helps by giving a nice shape to the landscape. YOu would notice a lot of soccer fields here, reason: Saint-Leonard.
The park house is central to the park and has clean bathrooms, 2 drinking fountains. It is accessible by a close walk from Langelier or Lacordaire bus stations.
Cute neighbourhood park which is perfect for a little 5K, and is in great condition for runners.

As a bonus I’m also rating the playgrounds in or very close to the park i’m running in, since i’m a new papa and i know how important playgrounds are to new parents and especially their kids, so here goes:

Kids playground review
Size of
It is medium to big, with plenty of games for the kids on a sandy area, the water games and a pool.
Quality of
They just installed the new water games featuring musical instruments: unique and fun. Besides that there is a variation of swings, slides and climbing machines for young kids. Plenty of fun! Oh and there is also a public pool.
I strongly recommend it, my kid loves the playground and asks me often to come back!

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Photos of Parc Ferland:

The park has nice trees all aroundThe public pool is small but a blessing in warm daysMe finishing my run, i have to correct my form a bit...Gravel road goes halfway the trackPark house is well situated in the middle of the park and in good conditionWhile you run you can observe one of 4 soccer fields for kids of all agesGravel is in good conditionIf it is wet or muddy, take the sidewalkMore water games are really funThe playground area is medium-bigThe new water games and musical instruments are excellent

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