Parc Lafontaine (****)

Parc Lafontaine
in Le Plateau Mont-Royal


Runtastic Route MapRuntastic route info | My run stats in this park (5.22 km in 44:17 min)

3.38 km
track – Gravel & Asphalt
This is one of the bigger parks in Montreal, and I made a 3.37Km route consisting of asphalt and gravel that traverses most of it’s beautiful areas. Named after the famous Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, it is a beautiful landmark in the heart of Montreal. It is separated in 2 by ave. Calixia Lavalee but that doesn’t bother much. It has lush forests, a beautiful lake with a fountain, an outdoor stage for free evening concerts, and a 3 big playgrounds for kids of all ages with water games.

Review of Parc Lafontaine
This parc is medium to large in size and split into 2 with a road that's not too busy, the scenery makes it seem larger. I wanted to create the longest route I could, and I succseeded in making a 3.37Km one in Runtastic, but in reality its a bit short of 3km because some construction and detours.
It's asphalt 2/3 of the route, and gravel for the rest. In the long straightaway on the west side you have a walking asphalted road, trail, and a bike lane. Next to the lake you have a narrow road on one side adn a wide road on the other. The surface is well maintained expet a few cracks here and there that are not noticable.
Just beautiful, lush trees, beautiful view of the big famous fountain in the lake which is inhabited by a few ducks. You can alos see lots of runners pass by. Noise level is not that high because of the trees even though it's located on Sherbrooke street.
The main park house is also a mini restaurant, with outdoor benches. It has watercoolers and clean bathrooms, you also have some watercoolers in the kids playground area, but except that i didn't find any other water fountains.
A beautiful runners park in the middle of Le Plateau that shouldn't be missed.

As a bonus I’m also rating the playgrounds in or very close to the park i’m running in, since i’m a new papa and i know how important playgrounds are to new parents and especially their kids, so here goes:
Kids playground review
Size of
It's a big park area, the designer didn't limit itself with budget on the space and it shows. It's full of parents of all ages with their kids.
Quality of
Not the newest rides but in good contidion. They have a toddlers area, a big kids area and a fort like structure kids can play in. Also 2 water pools for slpashing around.
One of the biggest and coolest kids playgrounds iv'e seen to date, your kid will spend lots of bottled up energy here and have fun!

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Photos of Parc Lafontaine:

A beautiful view of the fountain and lake from the bridgeThe area on the left of the lake is a bit narrow, take the high roadAmazing free amphitheater provides shows all summer long Another view of the fountain from the north sideSome musicians in the far end, practice their tunes - fun!The road to go down to the lake path is accessible for allThe big park house with the restaurant, bathrooms and water fountainsThe 3 part road: biking, walking and runningThe path is large and well maintainedBeautiful grass areas adorn the parkOur group shotsat the end of the runThe cool fort-like structure for kids to play inThe big kids playground is separatedThe main playground is pretty bigShallow pool and sprinklers: one of 2!

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