Parc Giuseppe-Garibaldi (***)

Parc Giuseppe-Garibaldi
in Saint-Leonard


Runtastic route info | My run stats in this park (5.06 km in 34:50 min)
Parc Jarry Route
1.27 km
track – Asphalt
This is a cute little park of 1.27 Km asphalt track. It is located in the St-Leonard neighborhood that is mainly dedicated to soccer (with 1 big and 3 small fields) and a nice kids playground, and a public pool. It would have been good to run in if the asphalt alleyways weren’t cracked and sometimes even missing big chunks. So be careful when running in it, especially at night! 

Review of Parc Giuseppe-Garibaldi
This park is on the small size, and i was able to make a 1.27 Km track in it that goes in it, and on the periphery sidewalk when i couldn't run in it anymore.
There are asphalt roads inside the park, be careful of cracks and missing pieces, hopefully they will think of repairing it soon.
There are some nice trees, and a few flowers. The park is situated in the middle of a little hill, so you climb up on the east side and run down on the west side. Most of the time you are always next to a soccer field, and can even catch a kiddie game. There are also a few courts such as: basketball, tennis, bocce and a public pool.
I just counted one water fountain outside the park house and one inside it. With nice bathrooms. Besides that the whole park is well illuminated at night.
If you live close by and have no other choice, go run in it but be careful of the imperfect asphalt.

As a bonus I’m also rating the playgrounds in or very close to the park i’m running in, since i’m a new papa and i know how important playgrounds are to new parents and especially their kids, so here goes:

Kids playground review
Size of
The playground area is split into 4 and is considerably pretty big, there is also a free soccer field next by to play with a ball.
Quality of
There is a baby park, swings, a bigger kids park and even water games and a pool, plenty of varied fun for young ones. It's not the newest rides but they are in good condition.
I recommend it for the variety or for a hot summer day, i personally go there often with my kid!

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Photos of Parc Giuseppe-Garibaldi:

For the most parts, the asphalt is ok.Running at night: well illuminated, dangerous because of the asphalt.Some more cracks and deformities in the asphalt (cause: temperature)You can even play Basketball and TennisA nice little public poolPlenty of soccer fieldsPlease fix this hole, its a danger for everyone!Also fun for kids: water gamesThe kids park is wonderfulThe park house has nice cooled water and clean bathroomsSometimes you have to run on the sidewalk

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