Latin Running Mix – Summer 2013 (by D.J. TRC)


After I started running and listening to music to motivate me, I immediately thought of the infamous D.J. TRC (aka Robert, my longtime buddy), to make me a running mix. I wanted the mix to have his flavour his style so I only indicated to him that I need it to be around 30min long, and I need it to be for running. Let me tell you that the results couldn’t have been any better! I would describe it as latin dance, mixed with house beat with a dose of brazillian vocals. It works extremely well in running since you have those drum rhythms that motivate you step by step and pump you and uplift you. Towards the end of the mix I felt like I was running in the amazon jungle being chased by natives with spears ala Indiana Jones.
Enjoy the mix, and again thank you DJ TRC

Listen to it on MixCloud or download the MP3 directly here :
Running Latin House Mix (Summer 2013) – By Dj TRC (75 Mb | 32:54 min)
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V-Man Running Vs Birthday Latin House Mix – By Dj TRC – Summer 2013 by D.J. Trc on Mixcloud

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