Parc Maisonneuve Review (****1/2)

Parc Maisonneuve
in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie


Runtastic route info | My run stats in this park (5.1 km in 36:56 min)
Parc Maisonneuve Route
2.83 km
track – Gravel & Asphalt
A big and beautiful park in the heart of montreal overlooking the Olympic Stadium. I chose the longest trail of 2.83 Km long to appreciate all its beauty. It has gravel and asphalt and often a separate track for runners. In a beautiful day you can find runners, hikers, bicyclists and rollerbladers, this park has it all, bienvenu a Montreal!

Review of Parc Maisonneuve
Maisonneuve is one of the big parks in montreal, and has many little alleys, some for running some for biking. I chose the longest route without getting out of the park of 2.83 Km. 2 laps you have a 5k, 3.5 laps and you got a 10K!
It's an asphalt surface separate for runners and bikers. On half of the track more inside the park there are gravel roads for less of a shock to the foot. All the paths are very well maintained and have few cracks or deformations. There is even a downward slope and a mini-hill that follows in the middle for some hill training.
With the botanical garden on the west of the park you know this park receives top care for it's trees, plants and flowers. The air smells fresher there than other parks. It has vast amounts of grass, lots of trees for shade, and of course the beautiful view of the Olympic Stadium that reminds us all that we are all super athletes ;-).
With a park this size you need water-fountains everywhere, and it delivers, 2 cooled water-fountains and one big park chalet that houses a snack bar, a cooled waterfountain, lockers and toilets. to note one water fountain was broken: fix it!
This is the park to run in, it has great tracks, breathtaking views and good amenities for runners, no wonder it`s always full of us.

As a bonus I’m also rating the playgrounds in or very close to the park i’m running in, since i’m a new papa and i know how important playgrounds are to new parents and especially their kids, so here goes:

Kids playground review
Size of
If you consider grass plains as your playground than i'm willing to give this 5*, if not 1* so... 3*.
Quality of
It doesn't have any playground, this park is really only for sports, but if you brink a ball, a kite or a picknik blanket and a wife, you are setteled. If you insist there is Parc Cité-Jardin hidden close by on Rosemont Boul. that has plenty!
It's really unfair to judge this park by it's missing playground, but i have to.

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Photos of Parc Maisonneuve:

The park entrance from Rosemont boul. next to the busstopThe gravel road enters the mini forestThe map of the park is well displayed all over (this is a tourist area too)Sometimes you have to run on the side of the bike lane (be careful)Plenty of trees for shade and fresh airBeautiful and big grass plane for any type of activity or restingThe road is separated between a bike lane adn a running laneYOu can always look somewhere and see the StadiumThe little hill in the middle of the trackBeautiful arrangement of trees and bushesThe entrance from VIau, you have many directions to start your routeThe view when reaching the parks houseNext to the running gravel trail, there is a earth trail for runners or mountainbikesThe parks house is equipped with lockers, bathrooms, vending machines and a little fast food placeThis is where they set up St-Jean celebrations and the stagethe Olympic Stadium is never too farPanormaa showing the multiple surfaces and the nice view of the Olympic StadiumGravel road and long grassy planes

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