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After my new found passion for running, I like to chat to runners whenever possible when i go out to parks. It was a hot day yesterday (30c) and I was biking with my family and we reached a little park next to a bike trail that had a “water mist” place that you could run through to freshen up. While we were resting i saw this runner passing us by 3 times (3 laps) in the span of 45 minutes. Tired and sweaty, she passed through the water mist spray. I could notice both visible strains of exhaustion and of happiness, and after chatting with her a bit, there was this phrase that she told me when I asked her about why she runs: “it’s like taking a happiness pill”, she told me, “i don’t feel tired after my 12km runs, i feel happy!”

Motivation - Happiness Pill

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    Parc Morgan, not a big one, but right next to the Bike Path on Notre Dame street. That mist is the center of the park.


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