Park Félix Leclerc Review (***1/2)

Park Félix Leclerc
in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Runtastic route info | My run stats in this park (5.38km in 54:03 min)
1.3 km
track – Gravel road
This 1.3km route is located on what used to be a garbage dump 13 years ago, but you wouldn’t notice it now. It has vast green spaces covered with grass, a few hills and a 10m elevation above street level, which produces some nice views. It features a full gravel track and has a little forested area. Although it’s not receiving much budget for it’s maintenance, it makes up for it with it’s beautiful views of the city and Olympic Stadium. Apparently there will be a new soccer field, lights to illuminate the routes at night and a new playground that’s coming next year.

Review of parc Félix Leclerc
At around 1.3Km this is considered a small park, so you would have to do around 4 laps to get a good 5K but there is the possibility to run on the sidewalk and extend the route to a 1.6Km
It is all filled with gravel although it's not maintained in a perfect shape so you get some deformations adn wet mud after a rainy day. Advice: run on the sidewalks outside the park when or after it rains.
Because of it's elevation, this park offers nice views of downtown and the Olympic Stadium tower. Also some nice ceder trees and pines. It has hills, and a vast terrain filled with grass where one could play soccer, fly a kite or whatever.
There are 2 water fountains and decent toilets at the main park house, and some tables, but hooligans broke it's windows recently and it looks a bit ghetto.
Beautiful neighborhood park with nice views of downtown. Gravel road needs some work but it's definately a good route. Recommend it.

As a bonus I’m also rating the playgrounds in or very close to the park i`m running in, since i’m a new papa and i know how important playgrounds are to new parents and especially their kids, so here goes:

Kids playground review
Size of
Medium size can fit about 20-30 people. It's bigger for the 3-10 year olds than for smaller kids.
Quality of
It has some nice features such slides, and climbing equipment, for older kids, but the 2-5 section needs an upgrade, it`s run down. Apparently there will be a complete redesign this or next year.
Medium park that is good enough for the neighbourhood, but needs upgrading or repairing soon!

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Photos of Parc Félix Leclerc:

A few lights illuminate the park at nightfallNight running is doable, but there arent any lights on the gravel track so go on the sidewalksAwsome views when the sun setsBeautiful route between the treeseThis used to be a dump 13 years ago, imagine!The gravel road forks a few times which can vary the route a bitThe main park house is not in great shape but has all amenities like water and bathrooms neededThe playgorund needs repairs or a complete overhaul (which is in the planning)the road circles this nice hillThese  hills in the park add a personality to itGravel road is wideSidewalk outside the park extends the route to around 1.6km

3 thoughts on “Park Félix Leclerc Review (***1/2)

  1. Ned Flanders

    Yeah, your first sentence is totally wrong.
    13yrs ago my wife was pushing our newborn son in the parc which is right across from her aunts place and where my wife has been coming to since her aunt moved there in 1981.

    Ill give you a quick recap from what I know based on my wifes aunt who has lived there over 30yrs and my cousin who bought a house 2-3 streets east of the park in 1975 when that neighborhood was being built.

    The land was used as industrial landfill in the 50s and 60s.
    In the seventies all the way to about 1984 (which is the year one of my wifes nieces is born), it was used as dumping ground for winter snow by the city and when driving on Beaubien in July, youd have running water coming down to the street from the park.

    A few years after that (before 1990), they did the south part of the park (which was funny it seems because they once brought in full of trees, planted them for a presentation by some politicians running for re-election and then removed them afterwards). The old italians put up their bocce fields and it was full of people in the evenings. So the park was functional about 25yrs ago. And since then, wed often go picnic dates on sundays where many people would come and fly kites (open space and nice wind) and it wasnt kids but rather middle aged men with (then) 500-800$ kites who used it to relieve stress.

    Sometimes in the early to mid-90s, they finished the northern part of the park which basically consisted of them pushing earth back and forth for a few weeks until they created those 3 stupid hills that attract vermin, bugs and mosquitoes (simply horrible at around supper time). The earth was full of rocks and then planted grass on top of that so for years people who used to play with their kids used to remove rocks the size of a baseball from teh ground). They built the cabin and added the kids park and in a touch of amazing stupidity decided to put a dog park right NEXT to the kids park (which is what you want, aggressive dogs barking and scaring little tykes and dog poo all around it because the dog owners have the dogs do their biz outside their space).

    This week, I went for a quick run and I noticed that they are finally digging which could mean they are about to add the soccer field, basketball court, water games and those adult fitness stations. Of course, theyve had plans drawn up about 4 times in the past 7yrs and every year they would put them in the paper and then nothing. So until I see concrete, I dont believe the city.

    Years ago, there was a sign a the cabin which said that the northern part of the field that goes around in a loop was 700m if you go inside path of the dog park and 900m if you go on the outside path of the dog park. Ive been using that to have a general idea how much I run.
    So its nice of you to give me the length of the whole circuit.
    Which is why I thought Id spend a few mins giving you the right info about the park.

    I dont recommend running at night. It has lights but its above street level away from eyes, too many hiding places. In the evenings, there are plenty of people though.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, wow that’s a really detailed story, and interesting too, thanks. I’ll correct the mistake. I also await for the new construction to begin with all the nice courts. When do you run there?


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