I know, I haven’t reviewd any parks in Montreal for a while or posted anything to the page for a few months, but I’ve been busy. Dividing my time between my family and training for my 1st half marathon (21K) at the¬†Marathon¬†Oasis de Montreal. I still ran in Montreal’s beautiful parks but didn’t organize any group runs. I hope to continue my project after my 21K milestone. My last vacation turned into what I like to call a ‘runcation’ in the USA. I ran in the Adirondack Mountains (Old Forge) and on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean (Wildwood). Here are a few photos. PS: I strongly recommend both.

20140824_070425 Watermark

Some friends joined me in my running in Old Forge, Adirondacks, NY

20140824_073155 Watermark

It was an eerie feel that morning

20140826_064450 Watermark

Sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean on the boardwalk (Wildwood, NJ)

20140826_070808_HDR Watermark

The WildHalf runs I might come back…

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