Running in -34c and meeting Yogi the 80 year old marathoner

This is my first experience running in the true Canadian cold since I started running less than a year ago. I promised myself I’ll run all year long, 365 days, rain or shine (or snow). So here I was this morning watching the weather network with the red warning banner of EXTREME COLD WAVE of -25c (-34c with wind factor), then listening to my worried father in law about how his car didn’t start that morning and you kind of feel like you have to give up, stay home and wait for better running conditions. Then something awoke in me, maybe it was the need to lose the 2 gruelling days of New Years eating and drinking frenzy. Or maybe it was a thought that I remembered of my good friend Marius that mentioned the word ‘călesti‘ which roughly translate to ‘anneal‘ which is to subject yourself to extreme temperatures and therefore to make yourself stronger or more immune to that temperature, the Russians do this in Siberia by jumping in freezing waters. So i put on 2 running pants, 3 shirts and a windbreaker, and 2 gloves. Then I turned on my Runtastic app, and Slacker Radio app and went out. First thing I noticed in -34c cold is the silence of the surroundings. In all my 37 minutes (5.6Km) of running I met only one person with his head all but covered completely running to his car. Next thing i noticed is the colourful snow (yellow and brown) decorated nicely by mans best friend and left there by the ‘man’ who was probably freezing his ass off and didn’t have time to pick it up. I can’t say i was really cold though, except for my face, my breathing got used to the chilling cold air after a few minutes, and my running gear protected every inch of my body from the cold (a good thanks to my sponsor for the running gear: At the end of my run my body wasn’t used to the heat of our building so i coughed a bit and got re-adjusted after 10 minutes. I will say this though: you know how there is shrinkage in water (*wink wink* Seinfeld)? Well it’s worse coming in from this cold… talk about “finding Nemo“, yikes 😉

Yogi Bolduc - an 80 year old Marathoner from MontrealOn another warmer run last week of -15c, I met another fellow runner with a Montreal Rock-N-Roll Marathon shirt on, and I said hi. It turns out he was an 80 years old marathoner by the name of Yogi (like the bear) Bolduc, that runs up to 3 hours, every day, 7 days a week, and ran multple marathons in his 70’s! I talked to him about my running project, and he talked to me about running his marathons and his life in general. Overall an amazing man with tremendous motivation. It left me with one motivating thought : If an 80 year old can run so much imagine what the rest of us can acheive!

Yogi Bolduc – an 80 year old Marathoner from Montreal