Parc Rene-Levesque & Parc Monk (****)

Parc Rene-Levesque & Parc Monk
in Lachine

 also includes Parc du musée de Lachine & Ranger Park 

static_mapRuntastic route info | My run stats in this park (6.97 km in 47:27 min)

7.1 km
track – Asphalt
This route goes through 2 beautiful parks : the Park Rene Levesque peninsula and the Parc Monk island, in the south west of Lachine next to the old Lachine lock system. It has amazing views of the Lachine Canal, the a marina full with boats and many artistic statues and installations. The route surface is well maintained asphalt separated from the bike lane. The only thing it lacks is waterfountains and more bathrooms. The starting point address is “1 Chemin du Musée Lachine”, and there is plenty of parking around.

Photos of Parc Rene-Levesque & Parc Monk:

Great birds eye view of the park systemThe beginning of the route - and the Museum of LachineParc Monk has some art tooParc Monk is just breathtakingThe Lachine Locks - The information center for visitors of the areaParc Rene-Levesque Art Installations - Flags?Beautiful view of the St-Lawrence riverMore art sculptures in Parc Rene-Levesque Parc Rene-Levesque route after a rainy dayInviting lounge chairs in Parc Rene LevesqueThe art installations that decorate the route are interestingThe trees provide great shade in Parc Rene-LevesqueParc Rene-LevesqueThe separate routes for bikes and runners or walkersSt-Lawerence river viewThe end loop of Parc Rene-Levesque These are the artsy bathroomsParc Rene-Levesque Panorama - beautiful spaceParc Ranger is a small park next to the Lachine MuseumLittle bridges connect small islands in Parc Monk

Review of Parc Rene-Levesque & Parc Monk
The cercomference of each park takes about 2.5Km each, add to that the smaller 2 parks : Ranger park and Parc de la Musée de Lachine and you have an amazing route of 7Km long. BTW: the route could be extended eastward along canal Lachine or westward along St-LAwrence river.
Well maintained asphalt with a few cracks here and there but not major. Most of the route has a separate bike path and walk/run path.
The views are superb. YOu have the St Lawrence river, the marina full of boats and great vegetation and trees. What really makes this route unique tho, is the beautiful art installations along the Rene-Levesque park: statues, sculptures from metal, and rock, and other amazing works of art. Check out the photos.
I would have to deduct a few points here, maybe i wasn't looking well enough but i didn'T find one drinking fountain along the route in either park! Maybe they want you to buy your water at the tourist boutiques or they ignored the fact that people drink water? Bathrooms are only at the end of Rene-Levesque park and well maintained, and hidden as art.
A beautiful park system at the end of the Lachine canal with exquisite views, and well maintained track. If only it had more amenities for runners.

As a bonus I’m also rating the playgrounds in or very close to the park I’m running in, since I’m a new papa and i know how important playgrounds are to new parents and especially their kids, so here goes:
Kids playground review
Size of
There isn't a kids playground per-se here, you can find multiple art statues and installations in Rene-Levesque and Parc du Musee de Lachine. It occupies a vast amount of green space.
Quality of
You have to be creative here, it isn't a usual playground, but kids find ways to play with the art installations verry well, some of them even invite youngsters to interact with the art itself, or so I deducted.
Not your usual playground, but kids have plenty of imagination. Just be careful of the riverbanks!

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