Parc de l’Ile de la Visitation (****1/2)

Parc de l’Ile de la Visitation
in Ahuntsic-Cartieville

 also includes Parc Eusèbe-Ménard in Montréal-Nord

static_map_mont_royalRuntastic route info | My run stats in this park (5.06 km in 53:35 min)

5.55 km
track – Gravel & Asphalt
A beautiful 5K route crossing through the ile de la visitation which is right next to the Papineau bridge. It starts along the Gouin boulevard bikepath and park system overlooking the Riviere des Prairies, and has a superb view of the Hydro Quebec dam, through the island and back. Plenty of parking on the street adn bus access on Gouin boulevard. A great park route discovery in Montreal.

Photos of Parc de l’Ile de la Visitation:

Beutiful panorama of the Hydro dam, as seen from the bike pathThe ashphalt road is well maintained evne on Ile de la VisitationThe bridge that connects the little island to MontrealThe view coming from the little bridge from the Island to MontrealThe trail running roads are well maintained and largeThe park on the Montreal side is full of piknik tables and grassAt the entrance to the island: Cité historia : museum and a bistro.There arent many waterfountains outside the main park house - this is one of them (hidden)The papineau beridge as seen from Ile de la VIsitationBeautiful view of Laval from the Ile de La visitationThe main lookout point of the Ile de la Visitation from bellevedereThe kids playground is small but relatively newThe park house is clean and has water and bathrooms, and is open from sun-up to sun down

Review of Parc de l'Ile de la Visitation
This is a big park and you could get easily a 4K just running on the Island and on the Montreal site. If you combine it with the Gouin bike path it could make a 5K, 10K even a half marathon!
The gouin part of the route is paved with asphalt that is well maintained, only for a few cracks here and there. There is often a running or walking gravel trail right besides the bike path you can take. In the wooded area you will find small gravel road that is very well maintained, wide and comfortable to run on.
Starting the route you get a beautiful view of the Riviere des Prairies adn the Hydro Quebec dam, then the route takes you into a forested area of the park, through a bridge on an island with pretty vistas, what else can you wish for?
The park only has water-fountains and toilets on the south side of the park, none on the Ile de la Visitation. It's not a big deal but worth mentioning. Besides that the bathrooms are open most of the time, and parking is available free around Gouin boul.
A refreshing route in a beautiful nature park that takes you to an island that is mostly undiscovered by most Montrealers. I strongly recommend it.

As a bonus I’m also rating the playgrounds in or very close to the park I’m running in, since I’m a new papa and i know how important playgrounds are to new parents and especially their kids, so here goes:
Kids playground review
Size of
Note: there is no playground in Parc de l'ile de la visitation, this is in Parc Eusèbe-Ménard in Montréal-Nord (or the beginning of this Route). This is a small playground that only has 3 swings and a slide and monkey bars, it's better than nothing, but small.
Quality of
It is of good quality, but not varied so much, kid will get bored quite fast so bring him on a bike ride instead.
Even though it's of medium size older kids can still have lots of fun in it's unique games!

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