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Parc-nature du Ruisseau-De Montigny (****)

Parc-nature du Ruisseau-De Montigny
in Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles

also includes a small playground parc André-Cailloux

Runtastic route info | My run stats in this park (5.1 km in 43:31 min)
5.1 km track – Gravel, Asphalt
This nature parc of the De Montigny stream is a beautifully preserved spot of nature on the north-east island of Montreal that not alot of people know about. It passes from the Marie-Victorin cegep to the Riviere-des-Prairies Hospital but you can barely see them while you run. The trail is marked with soft gravel and is really well maintained. The only downside is that it’s separated by a big street in the middle you have to cross at a light. Next to the College part you have a rest area with a waterfountain and some tables but no bathrooms (we are in the nature after all). There are also a few offroad trails for walking next to the river but not running in them.

Photos of Parc-nature du Ruisseau-De Montigny & Parc André-Cailloux:

Parc-nature du Ruisseau-De Montigny & Parc André-Cailloux
The park is divided into 2 parts separated by Boul Maurice-Duplessis. Each part is around 1.25 KM long and together it makes a 2.5Km Route. I decided to make my loop of 5K on the street next to the park which doesn't have much traffic but you can choose to go back and forth in the park for a 5K.
Well maintained gravel surface with asphalt outside the park.
The nature forest view is great, especially in a densly populated urban area such as this. The air is fresh and the sounds of the water stream really add to a great feeling.
Not many, only one waer point in the middle and no bathrooms, you can go in the nature.
A beautiful nature park park with a stream (rare) on the north eastern side of Montreal, I enjoyed running here and I recommend it.

Review of the kids playground of the Parc André-Cailloux:
Kids playground review
Size of
It is a medium sized park.
Quality of
It's ok quality probably completed 5 years ago. Kids can have choices between a big kids set and babies set with lots of swings and a little hill.
Pretty normal park for kids they will have fun for about 1h here before getting bored. Hint explore the forest across the street after!

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