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Monster iSport Strive In-Ear Headphones Review (****)

The Monster iSport Strive headphones are an entry model for the professional sport headphones, that dose not mean they are of bad quality, on the contrary. Sound quality is of superior quality even though their design is not meant to block external sounds, and they are quite comfortable to wear once you get used to them. I strongly recommend them for runners or any sport that requires movement and needs to hear the outdoors and enjoy music in the same time.

Review of Monster iSport Strive In-Ear Headphones
These headphones are built form a rubber-plastic mix that is becomming the norm for sports headphones. They are water and sweat resistent and have a tangle free cable. It comes with a cool case to store them and 3 different ear plugs. All they have is one button that controls the Pause, Resume, Next-track (double tap), talk & hang-up on Android or iOS devices, it's accessible but small enough not to notice it dangling while running. They look and feel sturdy and indestructible
Teese are not 100% noise blocking headphones, and I think it's better that way because you still want to hear cars, bicycles or pedestrians when you run. That said the quality is pretty good, think slightly better iPhone original headphones. A balanced sound, high on trebel and needs a bit more bass but perfect for running. Phone-talk quality is good and clear, and depends more on your network/phone than the headphones.
Once you found your perfect fit of the perfect ear plugs included (medium in most cases) they stay well in your ears without causing too much strain. It takes about 2-3 runs to get used to them, but after 5 minutes you forgot you have them on and you can enjoy your music. It comes with a cable hook to make your cable shorter for those who wear their music players on their arms and it's small enough not to notice it dangling.
At 80$ CND on May 2013, these headphones are the cheapest from it's class: normal headphones with in ear hook, waterproof and mic included. Monster offers 2 more models in the series, that are pricier, one with in-ear buds to block 100% sounds and better audio quality & one with more iPhone buttons.
Great running and excercise headphones, I recommend them because of the price, comfort & audio quality.

Photos the Monster iSport Strive headphones : 

The box includes a nice pouch and different earplugsThe box is nice and compactThe wire is attached with a velcro strap to make it shorter.They look awsome from the outside.You can see itThe mic and multifunction button is at a good height and very acesible. Sound quality is good.They fit very snugly in the year